Best Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators

How to find the Best Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators

Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators

Here's a pub quiz question: Did you know that an estimated 70 to 80 percent of clitoral patients require clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm?

With such demand, it's no surprise that the world has come up with a cornucopia of clitoral vibrators that are perfect for clitoral stimulation. Whether it's a super powerful clitoral vibrator for solo play or a clitoral stimulator for pairing with your kinky partner, We can help you choose the best clitoral stimulator for you and your love buds. Check out our top 10 clitoral vibrators, massagers, and sucking stimulators as rated by sex experts.

Don't forget to add a female orgasm booster to your basket to light up your love stove and increase your clitoral sensitivity. By the way, if vibration doesn't work for you, or you find your clitoral vibrator numb, watch this video for a class of non-vibrating clitoral stimulation toys that can still do the motza job of clitoral stimulation. More on some of these beauties now

It may be time to forget about the old vibrator. just joking. Don't do that. However, be aware that times have changed since the famous Hitachi wand was developed more than 50 years ago. We have come a long way and now you can use clitoral-sucking sex toys with your partner. Yes, these are things. We're talking about toys that simulate blowjobs. This is revolution, that's what we're here for, folks.

Clit suction is one of the most effective ways to increase the intensity of a clitoral orgasm while having good penetrative sex with your partner. You may even find that your partner is having multiple orgasms while doing it. Not kidding. It's like giving your partner all the pleasures of cunnilingus while increasing penetration.

The clitoral suction vibrator combines air, suction and gentle vibrations to achieve orgasm in the blink of an eye. Companies like Womanizer and Satisfyer are the leading brands right now, making some of the best toys around. Some women even report having an orgasm in as little as 60 seconds.

Clit sucking feels a bit like the kind of ear thermometer doctors use on children. It is in the shape of the number 8 with a nozzle on top. The nozzle goes over the glans of the clitoris (the outer part of the labia). Then it sucks the clitoris in various optional modes.

Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators

Satisfyer's sexual health specialist and resident sex expert say the toys use "incredible wave-like pulses to bring the clitoris to an extraordinary orgasm." Many [clitoral owners] say it's unlike any other stimulation they've ever felt, actually pulling the clitoris out to play and engage in a deeper level of trust and surrender, while inviting the whole body to open up to the orgasmic wave. "

According to experts, the toys are both ergonomically designed and quiet, a key component when playing together. You won't be distracted by the hum of your vibrator or risk being #intimidated by a sex toy. It's a win for everyone